Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Know Your Militants!

With all this talk of the new, 'militant' atheism, I've begun to worry that people will get the many different militant strands of religion confused. As such, I've devised this picture to enable you to tell the difference. So next time you're confronted by a rabid, frothing at the mouth, hate-speech spewing militant, just refer to this handy picture to tell exactly which brand of fundamentalist nut you're talking to.

No need for thanks, this has been a public service announcement.

UPDATE: Cat's Staff has suggested to me that the Dawkins picture with him wearing an 'Atheists for Jesus' picture would work better. I've decided Cat's Staff is right, so I've updated the picture. Thanks!


Sam D said...

I dunno... Dawkins looks like he's about to hit someone with that book!

uk said...

Yeah, I saw Dawkins slap a little girl one time!

Cat's Staff said...

I think a better Dawkins picture would be the one with his "Atheists for Jesus" T-Shirt on.

Ben D said...

Any idea where I can find a picture of Dawkins with the t-shirt on?

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but paper cuts can really hurt.

Cat's Staff said...

I've seen him in it in some video... but this is the only picture of Dawkins in his atheists for Jesus t-shirt I can find... a smaller cropped version is here at Jane's blog.

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