Sunday, 23 September 2007

1 Month Old, and the Brights Equinox fund appeal

Today this blog is 1 month and a day old (I forgot it was a month old yesterday, okay?). It's had 2042 visits so far, thanks in no small part to some linkage from Pharyngula. Thanks PZ! Hopefully I can keep thinking up enough interesting content to keep these viewing figures up. Thanks to everyone who's already come along to visit, and feel free to stop by and comment anytime!

In other news, the Brights Equinox Fund Drive appeal is now on. If you fancy supporting an organisation pushing for wider acceptance of a naturalistic worldview, click here to donate. Alternatively, if you feel you meet the Bright criteria,

* A bright is a person who has a naturalistic worldview
* A bright's worldview is free of supernatural and mystical elements
* The ethics and actions of a bright are based on a naturalistic worldview
and want to be part of a like-minded internet constituency of people, why not join The Brights today?

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