Thursday, 23 August 2007

Morals and Meanings

The Atheocracy gets it right commenting on Zeemy's assertion that claiming theists are moral only because God told them to be is a straw man. When theists* stop claiming atheists have no reason to be moral, atheists will stop having a reason to believe that theists are only good because God tells them to be. Similarly, when theists stop claiming atheists have purposeless existences with no meaning in their lives, I'll stop thinking that theists who claim that are mindless automatons incapable of imbuing anything they do with meaning if their life depended on it, and requiring an external force to tell them what to do.

*I realise that this does not apply to all theists by any stretch of the imagination. But it's still an argument put forward by a significant number.

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Jeff said...

Thanks for the link, Ben. It's always appreciated. Feel free to stop by The Atheocracy any time.